About Us

RISE provide a multidisciplinary intervention services for various special needs children. Our core services include as Early Intervention Programme (EIP) , Intensive Intervention Programme , Toddler Playgroup, Relationship Development Intervention Programme, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy. We are one of integrated intervention facilities embracing client-centered approach.

Our facilities are equipped with modern and upgraded apparatus, improvised resources , therapy materials and assessment tools as well.

We believe in achieving little steps through sustainable development of a child on realizing their full potentials by understanding their interaction with their environment.

RISE Objectives

  • Objectives 1

    To guide children with special needs on reaching their developmental goals.

  • Objectives 2

    To guide special needs children on their appropriate way of emotional regulation.

  • Objectives 3

    To help special needs children to manage specific difficulties such as listening skills, sensory issues & others.

  • Objectives 4

    To prepare children on the mild spectrum for admission into mainstream learning institutions.

Targeted children for our programme