I have notice the vast improvement Tyler is showing at home. Sending one to one with Miss Sharneeya was a good decision. Thank you teacher for everything.

Mrs. Joy

I’m very happy to let you know that there is a lot changes in my son Ashton, with communication skills and expressing himself and also when he goes to his cousins house. Before I send him to you for one to one he used to ignore everyone in the house. Now, he can responds and also starts to play with his cousins. Thank you so much Miss Sharneeya the changes you made on my son.

Mrs. Tan

Our son, A was having challenges at school and at home in certain areas. Coping with emotions, sensory seeking behaviours and lack of attention were among the primary concerns. Ms. Ruby, our shadow aide has provided my husband and me with the strategies to help my child A succeed at home and school. Ms. Ruby was absolutely great with our son, A and we know so much about him and what he needs now. We feel very fortunate to have found someone like Ms. Ruby who has worked hard at improving A’s well being. Thank you Ms. Ruby.

Ms. Nor

My son Numair has been seeing Ms Ruby for almost 2 years and he has flourished in terms of Mathematics and English since then. He is particularly interested in Mathematics and can now do multiplication and division.He likes to express himself through drawing and will show his drawing if he wants to get his message across. Although he still has a lot to work in terms of behaviours, I am pleased with the results under the tutelage of Ms. Ruby.

Ms. Nenah

Ms. Shkti is an amazing Occupational Therapist. My son was having difficulties at school and at home in several areas. Lack of focus and attention, right from start of the session my son got quite comfortable with Ms. Shkti and he would eagerly wait or the session every week. There are a lot changes n my son since he started the O.T. He is more confident paying attention in class compare to before. Ms Shkti was very thorough with her strategies and used to regularly take feedbacks from me and would also suggest alternative if certain strategies didn’t work. I have been very lucky and happy to had Ms. Shkti in my son’s development.

Mrs. Carol

We were excited to meet Ms. Shkti. She cared so much to our child, was willing to give us useful information we didn’t think of. Not only at the centre, but anytime we contacted her. She also assisted us what to do at home for our kid. Hence, our kid progressed a lot.

Mrs. Zaitun

My son has been diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4 years old. Before he loved to moved around and difficult to engage him to stay at one place and this has made him to quite from school has he was unable to stay inside the classroom for long hours. After met with Ms, Shkti, Occupational Therapist she has made major changes on my son where previously he always jumping and tiptoeing at any time, body was very stiff and difficult to get him relaxed, poor balancing and body coordination, very little verbal communication with others and also very reluctance to do some things like go to school she will show up his tantrum.
The changes I saw in my son after send him for the Occupational Therapy sessions with Ms. Shkti my son body is less tense when we touched, able to walk without tiptoeing if reminded, able to do some table tasks with guidance from therapy or sometimes independently, he starts to adapt to new place even though first impression is nervous, better balancing skills and able to coordinate his body more smoothly, shows initiative to response when call him, tend to play with other childrens and willingness to go to school is there. Really a huge changes I seen on my child after I followed the home programmes which has been given by Ms. Shkti.

Mrs. Ho

Dear Ms. Shkti,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity. Because with your help we were given confident that our little hero will be back to track again.
It has been long journey with many bumps along the way for our son Yaadhav Gan Hong Tai. We knew early on there were speech and sensory issues. We began looking into Occupational Therapist as soo as he turned 2 ½ years old. We tried several different services with other therapist but he was not able to gain confident and attachment with the therapist. Finally we decided to pursue with private session with your good self after reading appreciation notes from other parents after their kids remarkable milestone achievement.
After pursuing private service, we began to see huge improvement. He was able to adapt to loud music, functions, able to touch different texture materials. He is showing progress after each sessions. Our everyday life has improved dramatically as he is finally able to communicate via pointing which isolate himself from the kids. We recently saw our extended family who haven’t seen for 3 months and they were amazed at how much he has changed.
Words cannot exprss our deepest appreciations to you. Because of your guidance and support we were able to breath and less our worries. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping parents like ours- to be able to do what is best for their child and give them opportunity to strive in life.
Thank you.

Mrs. Carol