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Physios are probably the best known of the therapists who work with children with special needs. Physiotherapists provide exercises to help client gain and keep the best possible use of their bodies. These are some of the approaches Physios include in the treatment plans :

  • Improve breathing Prevent the development of deformities Slow down the deterioration caused by some progressive diseases.
  • Release tension, pain and stress from it that can oftentimes build up in a mobility challenged child. Our Physiotherapist will assess your child’s problems and will include some home programs which can be done at home for more improvements on the child.
  • Physiotherapy massage is far from a luxury, it is actually one of the most effective ways in allowing disabled children to properly manage their pain from problems such as spasms and spasticity that might otherwise be hard to manage.

Physiotherapy works to manipulate the body into a better state of health and it could be a very helpful way to relaxing the body and relieving stress as well.