Ms. Nurul Hani Binti Jaafar has graduated from Widad University College in Bachelor of Psychology (HONS). She started her career in the year 2018, as a Psychologist at Klinik Psikoterapi & Kaunseling Kuantan.

Prior to be an EIP Educator, Hani has worked with children for a year in Muar, Johor where she provided a range of skills including academic assistance, families and parenting-related concerns. She has also attended various seminars to enhance her knowledge and skills for ongoing learning journey.

Her passion as a special needs educator was born after her voluntary experience at an autism childcare Centre in Kuantan while she was still in university. The experience of working with special needs children was fulfilling and she empathized on their physical and mental disabilities.

She believes in having a good relationship and communication with the children, as it will help their academic development and other daily life routines.