Sharmila Thevi a/p Ramakrishnan has obtain her Bachelor in special needs education (HONS) at Quest International University. She is a talented, ambitious and hardworking individual with a broad skill in digital, social media, and leading projects. Sharmila have experience working with children with variety of special needs.

She believes that a key strength to a healthy classroom is communication and building strong relationships with people. She also claimed that she love having the opportunity to guide and teach little minds. She believes there is no better feeling than knowing you have helped to brighten a child’s day and seeing their faces and expressions while they experience and learn new things. She is keenly interested and dedicated in caring and helping children with special needs.

She believes that children’s mental health need to be taken care of, in order for them to develop and grow happily and healthily. Sharmila stated that she likes working with children because she is not just able to re-experience childhood through their eyes, but also, get to watch them learn and grow as a better person every day. Sharmila’s goal is to be a nonjudgmental and caring special needs educator by imparting her knowledge onto others through her creative and innovative teaching methods according to students needs and abilities